Throughout all the years GAROS has been true to its concept and values. At the same time, we are extremely focused on new market and customer requirements. To satisfy customer needs all around the world, we continuously develop our product range. This process is governed by a vision based on a number of core values.

Sensitivity and continuous technical development
From the very start GAROS personnel have participated in the commissioning of all machines delivered. This gives us unique information directly from the process and users and the feedback serves as the basis of all of our development work.

The close relationship with our customers and market allows GAROS to develop a range that has market unique features and benefits. An example is our vacuum filling system (VFS), which enables fully automated transport of unmixed products over long distances. This completely eliminates all manual transport in trolleys and containers, virtually eliminating labor in some cases. Another example is the unique driver design of our tumbler. This enables a highly effective tumbling process achieving higher yields and quality of product.

Close to the market
With a network of partners, we can work close to our customers in a large number of markets.

Innovative and reliable technology
GAROS’s development work is based on the goal of developing machines and customized solutions that are innovative, reliable and user friendly.

Extensive customer service
The GAROS brand will be characterized by expertise and extensive customer service that stretches from project planning to final assembly followed by service and customer support.

The GAROS organization and departments also reflect the various competence and resource areas of the company:


It is alwayd easy to get in touch with the various departments and personnel of GAROS. All contact details can be found under “Contact us”!