GAROS Defrosting Feature.

In a standard GAROS MDF Tumbler it is possible to add a defrosting feature. This option makes it possible to cut processing time considerably when using frozen product.

Today the industry is more and more using frozen product in the beginning of the process. The necessity to defrost in a quick and safe way has become extensively important while frozen product is often much cheaper and easier to come over than fresh product. In order to reach a high quality product starting the process with frozen raw material the need to defrost in a controlled way is high. Using the GAROS defrosting feature ensures you not only to reach the best possible result but also of using a very cost efficient method.

The GAROS MDF Tumblers uses 3 different ways to achieve an efficient and controlled defrosting:
• Steam injected through the hatch.
• Heated media in the jacket of the drum.
• Vacuum inside the drum.

The steam used is a cold steam, only slightly higher then the room temperature. This mild temperature ensures that the product won’t be cooked, damaged or altered in any way. Its colour, binding properties and structure remain perfectly intact. The combination of the three methods makes it possible to defrost quickly which is the key to operational flexibility and reduces lead time in the production process.

The GAROS Defrosting feature offers a speedy and cost efficient alternative to the traditional ways of defrosting such as tempering chambers or microwave systems. Vacuum defrosting delivers consistent results without incomplete defrosting or hot spots.

General benefits:

• Reduces defrosting time considerably.
• Increased yield, no weight loss through purge.
• Cost efficient solution with defrosting and massage in one machine.
• Low cost of ownership.
• High food safety with fast process in controlled environment.
• Hygienic design.


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