GAROS fish curing line.

We have an extensive machinery range for curing/marinating fish products, from individual machines to fully automated systems. GAROS has a new generation of salt injectors specially developed for injecting fish.

For some time now, we also have complete systems for curing/marinating fish products that are now suitable for injection. These are complete systems with conveyor and vacuum transport based on a special tumbling process.


GAROS’S range for the fish industry is based on three product groups:

GAROS Injectors are designed for all types of fish products – with or without bone. Injection quantities range from 5% to what the particular product allows, with all types of brines and marinades and perfectly uniform injection. Read more.


Brine Mixing Systems
GAROS Systems are available in several capacities, from individual single machines to complete, automated systems. A common denominator for all of the machines is that they can handle all types of brines and marinades, including the most viscous blends. All are available with or without cooling. Read more.


Complete Process Systems for Salting/Marinating
Automatic systems for fish products that is not suitable for injection. Systems can be customised to suit specific customer requirements for capacity, flexibility and logistics.