The market’s only brine mixing station designed to handle a large number of ingredients.

Over time, the brine and marinade recipes have been modified to include more ingredients/dry substances. This has radically sharpened preparation requirements as regards handling, mixing and dissolving the ingredients.

There are a number of brine mixers on the market, which all look about the same and claim to be perfect at handling a large number of ingredients. There are, however, some significant differences between them when it comes to function.

Our brine mixing station is the only one specially designed to handle a large list of ingredients. Here are some crucial facts to explain why: The feed hopper is equipped with a powerful ejector/jet pump that creates a vacuum by increasing the speed of the brine circulating through. The vacuum suctions the ingredients through a 4” valve at the bottom of the hopper. The feed hopper is suspended in a cradle, which rests on springs and has a vibrator. The hopper continually feeds powder towards the outlet.

Some of the characteristics and advantages:

  • Self-suctioning centrifugal pump guarantees full vacuum effect even with viscous brine.
  • The infeed hopper is equipped with a vibration motor to feed in/down the ingredients/dry substances makes the work easier and even possible if the brine/marinade is viscous.
  • Effective and powerful agitator with large capacity combined with low rotation speed to prevent foaming.
  • Digital thermometer that also regulates set temperature.
  • External, automatic level switches for continual transport of brine to external container.
  • Inner tank and hopper made of acid-resistant stainless steel.
  • Tapered bottom – 100% of the brine is utilised.
  • Pneumatic valve with automatic shut-off after brine transport to prevent trickles.
  • Level switch prevents the pump from running dry.
  • Cooling jacket covers the entire surface area of the tank for maximum cooling.
  • Cooling jacket and bottom have 50-mm insulated walls (polyurethane).
  • Dimensioned to handle cooling of 1,000 litres of brine from 15°C to -1°C in 40 minutes.
  • Additional storage tanks can be connected without requiring extra transport pumps.