GAROS specialises in machines and system solutions for the global cured meat, poultry and fish industries. We supply everything from design, development to manufacturing, installation and support. GAROS is represented worldwide by an extensive partner network of distributors offering full sales and service facilities, our primary markets include Scandinavia, Asia, Australia and of course the rest of Europe.

GAROS has its head office in Jönkoping, Sweden, a central location in Scandinavia and home of our development, design, administration and marketing operations as well as a workshop for advanced assembly and prototype production. Our other manufacturing and assembly is handled by our Polish subsidiary – Garos Polska Sp.z o.o.

High quality and high-standard technology are some of the main characteristics of the machines GAROS has developed since its start. With industry knowledge and control of all development work, over the years GAROS has been able to continually refine the machinery in regard to functionality, to the highest degree of reliability and operating efficiency.

GAROS invests vast resources each year in further development of existing machines as well as development of completely new innovative solutions. The aim of our development work is to satisfy customer needs and to meet new requirements set by the industry production environments. GAROS is a brand that provides our customers essential added value.