Dream layout

The GAROS Integrated curing line has unique customer benefits. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in developing and customizing solutions for process stages such as curing, tenderizing and tumbling, GAROS has extensive and in-depth knowledge on the needs and requirements of the meat, poultry and fish industries. It is also this experience and knowledge that serves as a stable platform for GAROS’s unique integrated and automated curing line, the structure of which has few rivals in the international market.

The integration creates unique customer benefits as regards profitability, productivity, efficiency and quality.

The GAROS’s curing line is the result of many years of development work that has been based on the vision of being able to integrate all elements of the curing process. We saw the huge advantages of this and gradually developed a system concept. Over the years, this was further developed as new technology, such as new PLC systems and load cell solutions, were introduced on the market.

Flexibility and adaptability
For many years, the vision has been a reality and has been further refined in manners such as higher degree of automation. The integrated solution currently helps many customers, both large and small meat, fish and poultry producers around the world, to obtain a profitable and rational curing process.

All of the curing lines that we customize and install are structured around the same basic idea: integration of all elements (brine mixes – injection – tenderising – tumbling) in a cohesive curing process.

At the same time, our curing line is extremely flexible and can therefore be adapted to the changing requirements and needs of customers as regards factors such as the number of constituent machines, capacity and automation and computerization desires.

Automatic transport system with vacuum technology
Of great marketing significance to the GAROS curing line was the introduction of a solution for connecting all included machine components with an automatic transport system based on vacuum technology. This solution is unique in its ability to integrate all elements, even in extremely large systems with many constituent machines.

Important customer benefits of the GAROS integrated curing line:

  • More efficient and profitable production > More can be produced with less labour.
  • Eliminates intermediate transport > Less manual labour and fewer hygiene risks.
  • More efficient use of production areas > Possible to reduce production area.
  • High degree of operational reliability and minimal maintenance > More production time.
  • User friendliness > Little training needed despite high degree of automation.


Please click on the link below for video:

Processing red meat, a walk through.