Along the years GAROS has focused on breaking new ground in automation and building process lines for the cured meat, poultry and fish industries. This has been premium machines competing among the best in the business. This has attracted many customers around the world, mainly among the larger food manufacturers. We also want to fill the needs of medium sized and small processors that many times do not have the resources to invest in top of the line. Therefore we have developed a line of basic models to act as a step in type of machinery. In these machines we bring in the technology and quality with the equipment positioned to attract a wider target group.

Explore further our GSI 350 and tumbler GTB


This is an injector solution often used in smaller or medium sized process facilities. It can also be a good type of machine to use at a test kitchen or a production line for special products etc. T

The GSI 350 capacity range is up to 0,8 tonnes per hour depending on product and injection rate. Number of needles from 40 up to 160.




GAROS step in models of tumbler with capacities ranging from 700 to 10.000 litres.

GAROS GTB MASSAGER is the tumbler on the market, which best answers to the requirements, efficiency combined with gentleness, since its flight design which has shown to deliver a superior massaging action. This feature allows you to ”dial-in” the massager to fit the processing demands of a wide range of pork, beef and poultry and seafood products.

General Features:

  • All stainless steel construction EN 1.4301.
  • Solid, sturdy and stabile construction.
  • Build according to CE-regulations.
  • Special flight design, far more product movement per round than other tumblers.
  • Diameter opening 500 mm.
  • Easy fast and versatile loading.
  • Easy fast and complete discharge.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Filling degree up to 55 % depending on product type.
  • No hidden spots due to the shape of the flights ensure 100 % sanitation.

The GAROS GBT MASSAGER are available in eight different standard models with drum volumes of 700, 1 000, 1 600, 2 600, 3 900, 5 600, 7 500, 10 000 litres.