GAROS has a complete “curing line” for unmixed products.

We have a broad range of machines for the production of unmixed, cold-cut products, both single machines and complete, automated systems. All machines are among the few best within the industry.


GAROS’s range for the meat industry is based on four product groups:

GAROS injectors are designed for all types of meat products – with or without bone. Injection quantities range from 5% to 150% with all types of brines and marinades and perfectly uniform injection. Read more.


The GAROS tumbler program includes models ranging from 700 to 10,000 liters. With possibility to equip with advanced process control, cooling jacket and hydraulically adjustable drum. The unique design of the drivers makes it possible to adapt and optimize them for a broad product segment. Read more.


Brine mixer
GAROS’s Brine Equipment is supplied in all capacities, from individual single machines to complete, automated systems. A common denominator for all of the machines is that they can handle all types of brines and marinades, including the most viscous blends. All are available with or without glycol cooling jackets. Read more.


VFS Vacuum filling system
Automatic transport of all types of boneless products throughout the entire process; Systems can be customized to suit specific customer requirements with regards to capacity, flexibility and logistics. GAROS’s Vacuum Filling Systems can transport a wide range of product through both 200 and 300 mm stainless steel tubing without deformation or damage over distances of 32 meters. Read more.